Property Management

Tailored services for high standards property maintenance

Property management

The creation of a maintenance schedule allows us to ensure the systems and machineries of the house are serviced and maintained in a timely manner. We create a list of approved and recommended suppliers for the upkeep and servicing of the vital systems of the property and the provision of emergency call out support. This can be drawn from contractors who have worked on the property or we can draw from our list of known and trusted local suppliers.

We offer various levels of key holding depending upon how frequently you visit your home, size, location, complexity of your property and your personal requirements. We think of ourselves as your local eyes and ears and a member of our team familiar with your property can attend any day from 9 am to 10 pm in case of emergencies to ensure your property is always safe, secure and comfortable. We also act as your trusted representative in order to escort third parties in and out of the property as required.

Annual Contracts

Owners can choose among At Home In Umbria services to create a tailored Annual Property Management Agreement. We will “build” it together choosing from the below list:

  • Regular house inspections and email+pictures report
  • Bills collection, check and payment.
  • Costs budget and review
  • Forwarding post and accepting deliveries
  • Ensuring compliance with local administrative requirements
  • Organizing and supervising house cleaning, laundry, pool people, and gardening services as required
  • Arranging for and supervising installation and maintenance of domestic appliances, heating and water systems, electricity system, wifi connection
  • Arranging for emergency repairs during owners or guests stay (withing 6 hours from your call)
  • Lets and enquiries management
  • Management of lets beaurocracy
  • Welcoming and introducing to the property on guests arrival
  • Property check on guests departure
  • Being the guests conctact for anything they need 7/7days, 9/22 hrs

We can also help you to find cleaners, laundry service, gardeners, professional pool assistance, furniture, accountants, TV and Internet installers and technicians, chimney sweeps and anyone else you may need for your property.


  • If you don't need a contract we are still available to help you just whenever and whatever you need
  • Translation and language assistance